James A. Klein
Marketing & Business Development Specialist
James Klein created Acrobat because after three decades on the ever-changing front lines of marketing, he recognized that there was a need. And it wasn’t being filled.
Klein observed that many enterprises— professional services and operating entities alike—often require a fresh, outside viewpoint to help define or confirm their assumptions, develop effective messages and introduce contemporary tactics leading to success. Attorneys as well as those tasked specifically to “sell” are normally very bright and very proficient at their profession, but they may never have learned the skills or taken the time to develop a marketing and business development approach that will allow them to define and reach goals.
Klein experienced the challenges and satisfaction of starting, growing and operating successful businesses himself. That’s the reason behind his passion for marketing, and his compassion for those who need discipline, creativity and differentiation.
Klein understands how business models have changed, and that the competitive landscape is strewn with those who haven’t been able to adjust.
His goal is to help clients adapt and succeed. This comes through a personal commitment involving intuition, creativity, proven principles and a refreshing street smart approach.
Klein has a B.A. from the University of Illinois and an Masters in Advertising and Marketing from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism.
He worked in account management with the multi-national Madison Avenue firm, Grey Advertising in New York, and later moved to the Lee King and Partners ad agency in Chicago.
Attracted to opportunities in packaging and promotions, Klein joined The Packaging House, Chicago, and rose to become their national vice president of sales.
An entrepreneurial instinct became irresistible in the booming 1990s, and Klein created his own business, a firm specializing in merchandising. This became quite successful, allowing Klein to acquire, then sell, three related firms during this period.
Klein is a member of the Acquisition Committee and Advisory Board of both the Mary and Leigh Block Museum at Northwestern University and the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College, Chicago. He has been active at the Jewish Community Centers of Chicago, serving as President of two centers. An avid traveler and contemporary art devotee, Klein is also a pretty mediocre golfer.

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