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“Hall-Jackson & Associates to me represents the best a client can ask for in a plaintiff’s attorney. When I first began looking for a reputable civil rights law firm, I was inundated with Ads from firms who had no clue about how to proceed with my claim of discrimination against a major Chicago-based company. As a matter of fact, one well known law firm advised me to file my claim in state court rather than federal court for a Title VII violation. I knew personally from my experience in Human Resources that this was bad advice. After speaking to approximately 35 law firms, I received a referral from another firm citing the work of Hall-Jackson & Associates. I contacted Chiquita Hall-Jackson’s firm and was extremely delighted by the staff’s attention to detail and thoroughness in supporting my legal claim. To me, this firm represents the finest in being a plaintiff’s law firm. I am very encouraged by the legal outcomes this employment law firm has gotten me in federal court. if you are looking for a firm with no price gouging, but just plain ole results, then this is the law firm for you.”

— Jerry G.

“Hall-Jackson & Associates was very decisive on my case. They explained each and every claim that can be accepted in court. The law firm is very timely with filing motions and has appeared in court for each and every court appearance. Hall-Jackson and Associates will keep you informed on the outcome of court hearings. The staff is very friendly and will answer any questions you are unsure about. I will recommend Hall-Jackson & Associates to my friends and family for representation in protecting their rights in the workplace.”


“Hall-Jackson & Associates are the young energetic professionals who understand their clients needs. In today’s society, the internet is changing daily, this law firm is up to date with modern technology, laws and ethnic groups and diversity. They will get the job done and take care of their clients. I am very pleased.”


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