Deciding To Report Wrongdoing At Your Workplace: Understanding Employment Law In Illinois

Deciding To Report Wrongdoing At Your Workplace: Understanding Employment Law Lawyer In IllinoisIn this article, you will learn:

  • What a lawyer can do for you when reporting wrongdoing.
  • How to remain anonymous when reporting wrongdoing at your workplace.
  • When it is best to report wrongdoing.

If I Think I Need To Report Wrongdoing Within My Company, Should I Meet With An Employment Law Attorney First?

It is generally considered best practice to meet with an attorney if you think you need to report wrongdoing within your company. However, it is not required. Meeting with an attorney in this situation exposes you to the proper terminology you could use in written communication with your employer.

These types of issues are often carried out and responded to verbally. When someone does finally retaliate and do something like terminate or demote you, things quickly evolve into their word versus yours. Having things in writing will significantly help your case. Having a robust arsenal of vocabulary at your disposal will help you even more.

If no one else is aware of or agrees that you have reported the incident, we strongly advise you to meet with an attorney. Doing this ensures you are equipped to take the necessary steps in reporting or escalating the situation. An attorney will likely walk you through:

  • Why you think you are treated the way you are in your work environment;
  • What law your colleague or superior may be violating;
    • Many often fail to blow the whistle on things that might seem petty, but are still infringing on the law.
    • Many also fail to refer to Title VII or Section 1981, which outlines protected classes, including age, race, and gender.
  • What proof there is to build a strong case if the case were to be escalated.

Can I Report Wrongdoing At My Company And Remain Anonymous?

You can report wrongdoing at your company and remain anonymous. Many companies have a phone number or hotline you can call and leave a tip, allowing yourself to remain anonymous. There are other ways to report wrongdoing anonymously, but this is generally the most efficient way.

If you do leave a tip and the situation ends up escalating, we highly advise you to save your call log, emails, or automatic response that acknowledges your tip was received. This will make things much easier for you down the road.

When Should I Report Wrongdoing At My Workplace? How Does The Claim Process Begin? Is There A Period From When The Supposed Wrongdoing Took Place To Needing To Make The Report?

It is best if you report wrongdoing within no less than 24 to 48 hours of the wrongdoing having taken place. Doing this ensures, as much as possible, that the incident can be investigated appropriately.

When deciding to go through with reporting wrongdoing, it is best to review your employee handbook first. Employee handbooks usually outline the reporting structure.

Although each company is different, these processes typically begin with informing an immediate supervisor. If it is your supervisor’s wrongdoing that you are reporting, then you will likely need to report the incident to their immediate supervisor, if not directly to human resources. Reporting to human resources is generally a good practice since you do not interact with them daily, nor are they the party you are likely reporting.

Processes for federal employees and some corporations have an ethics or EO department you would report to.

Regardless of the specific circumstance you find yourself in, meeting with an attorney can equip you to report an incident properly.

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