The F.R.E.E. Method

The F.R.E.E. Method

Succeed, Thrive, And Recover In The Workplace

The F.R.E.E. method is a comprehensive approach to navigating the workplace that promotes support within, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between employers and employees – and it encompasses various strategies and initiatives to that end. All in all, I developed this method to empower workers, especially in instances where their experiences may not lead to a lawsuit.

So many cases are often dismissed for various reasons, often because the defense can outlast individuals in terms of time and financial resources. Recognizing the need for an alternative to litigation, I realized that providing workers with a pathway to redress was essential. One could argue that by equipping individuals with the knowledge and means to address workplace discrimination and harassment without relying solely on lawsuits, we not only empower them but also work toward preventing toxic work environments from developing and mistreatment from occurring in the first place.

If I’m being honest, my ultimate goal with the F.R.E.E. method is to disrupt this before my now-three-year-old enters the workforce. But this isn’t just about my family, I truly want more people to feel empowered to speak up and address issues at the right time, recognizing that not every situation warrants a lawsuit. By fostering effective internal change, employees can affect – and enjoy – a positive change.

I often advise individuals that, nine times out of ten, their employer will want them gone once they embark on a legal battle. However, if they open up and communicate their concerns while still employed, seeking assistance from the appropriate channels instead of seeking a lawsuit, they may be able to resolve the issue and maintain their job, continuing to provide for their families while seeing actual progress.

Of course, I understand that there are instances where this approach is not appropriate, but many people do not entertain it at all. This can lead to a flood of baseless and frivolous claims, often stemming from personality conflicts with a difficult person who mistreats all employees rather than actual discrimination.

In addition to this, the F.R.E.E. method also aims to help individuals determine what they truly want out of their job or position. People often focus exclusively on salary negotiations when considering a job offer and fail to consider other vital aspects of what they are getting themselves into, such as the company’s discrimination policy and any non-compete clauses in the contract. The F.R.E.E. method also offers guidance to employers, particularly in fostering diversity and inclusion based on the principles outlined in the method.

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